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The Future is NOW!

Wherever you go, it’s a race for everyone to create wealth. In today’s world, we’re all consumed with the idea of increasing our earnings and growing our sources of income. Exchanger101 is a growing FinTech platform that allowsusers exchange their digital & cryptocurrency assets for fiat currency (cash) & vice versa. We believe in a […]


Craziest Transactions In The History Of Bitcoin.

All bitcoin transactions are equal before miners, provided there is a sufficient fee attached. It makes no difference to them who the sender or recipient may be or how many BTC are transferred. It is when we apply context that significance is attached to a transaction like an opcode. With over 360 million BTC transactions […]


Crypto: The Secret Ingredient Of The Future

Everyone has that favorite meal that they can cook with their eyes closed. While some recipes are easily available for anyone to learn from, some come with more complicated processes. You might ask what the relationship between food and crypto is, but have you ever thought of crypto as being the secret ingredient of the […]


The US $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Seemingly Stifles Crypto With Tax Provision.

It is no longer news that the US Senate passed a sweeping $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill on Aug. 10, capping weeks of intense negotiations and debate over the federal investment in the nation’s ageing public works system in more than a decade. Initially, lawmakers proposed a provision that would force stricter rules on how […]